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Any algorithm creator can design, test and put up for an auction his trading strategies to attract funds and share algorithms profit

Any retail investor can invest in trading algorithms that trade cryptocurrencies and financial instruments

Why cryptotrading?

In 2017
bitcoin grew

Trend-following algorithms outperformed
buy & hold

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Why Tradingene

  • Free web-environment for algorithms development. Create. Test. Optimize.
  • Two programming languages: Lua and Python. Choose the one you like the most.
  • Transparent capital attraction and profit sharing mechanisms.
  • Fixed and immutable agreements between algorithms creators and investors.
  • Ease of investing in trading algorithms on cryptocurrencies, futures and stock markets.
  • Unique opportunity to create portfolio of trading algorithms.


Daniel L. Wolfe CEO & co-founder

Daniel is a businessman with more than 25 years senior managerial experience.
He is a co-founder of the Simoleon Long-Term Value cryptocurrency investment fund, former COO of Troika Dialog Investment bank, former Senior Managing Director and Co-founder of Alfa Capital Partners.
Now he is a member of the Board of Directors of UC Rusal and PAO Quadra.

Roman Burtsev Business Development & co-founder

Roman has more than 20 years’ experience in project management and investment deals. He founded several successful companies.
He is a member of the Board of Directors and partner at Knight Frank.

Sergey Kuzmin CОO & Co-founder

Sergey has more than ten years’ experience in asset management and private capital management on the US, European and Russian markets.
He also has more than five years of experience in algorithmic trading.

Ruslan MikhailovHead of market research & trading

Ruslan has more than six years’ experience in managing funds on futures exchanges through trading algorithms.
He has CFTe and FRM certificates and won the Bronwen Wood Memorial Prize awarded by International Federation of Technical Analysis.

Oleg BashmurovCTO

Oleg has more than 20 years software development experience with eight years in Parallels and more than seven years in payment systems and financial instruments programming.

Ilona HovsepyanCAO

Ilona has more than fourteen years’ experience in international consulting companies (Big Five).
She has extensive experience in structuring and managing projects.

Yulia UtrobinaProject manager

Andrey PyatkoLead programmer

Artem SinyakovPython developer

Nikita DelnikovС++ developer

Savely Hirshhorn Head of traders support



Tomoya Suzuki Machine learning advisor

Tomoya received his Ph.D. degree in physics from the Tokyo University of Science in 2005. Since 2009, Dr. Suzuki has been an associate professor and then a professor of Ibaraki University, teaching mathematics, statistics, and computer science. He launched his unique John Brooks Memorial Award winning algorithm together with Daiwa Securities, second biggest Japanese brokerage company. Tomoya will consult Tradingene in Machine Learning and Neural Networks questions.

Stas TikhonovVenture investor

Dmitry Chirkin Project lawyer

Dmitry has more than 13 years of experience in both digital (VC, ICO) and in traditional areas of legal practice (finance and mergers & acquisitions). He worked in PwC Legal, Chadbourne & Parke and Dentons.


  • Q3 2014 Project start-up. Product conception. System architecture development.
  • Q4 2015 Connection to stock exchanges. Development of trading platform and the system’s core elements.
  • Q2 2015 Test environment launch for algorithm creators. Development of the first algorithms.
  • Q3 2015 Testing of algorithms filtering and rating system; exploration of feasibility of signal transmission to investor accounts.
  • Q1 2016 Closed Beta-test among the initial algorithm creators. Algorithm programming in Lua language.
  • Q3 2016 Application of Machine Learning strategies and development of user interface for algorithm creators.
  • Q1 2017 Tradingene public product launch for algorithm creators. Broadening of financial instruments for algorithm creation. Draft documentation for users.
  • Q2 2017 Launch of online educational course for algorithm creators.
  • Q3 2017 Development of user interface prototype for investors.
  • Q4 2017 ICO preparation.
Q1 2018ICO
  • Q2 2018 Introduction of algorithm development in Python. Improvement of beta test environment. Connection to cryptocurrency exchanges. Marketplace and mobile application development.
  • Q3 2018 Launch of mobile applications and telegram bots for investors. Launch of analytic products, forecasts, alerts bots.
  • Q4 2018 Launch of Algorithm Auctions with auction results and smart contracts entered onto blockchain.
  • Q1 2019 Trading at cryptocurrencies exchanges begins. Connection to stock markets and futures exchanges.
  • Q2 2019 Integration with brokerage platforms.
  • Q3 2019 Cooperation with other blockchain services for algorithmic processing and algorithm storage.
  • Q4 2019 Expansion of opportunities for algorithm purchase and platform-based fund of algorithms creation.
  • 2020 + Geographical expansion of trade platforms, growth of user base, and broadening of assets tradable by algorithm.


The Merkle

Tradingene to Meet Investors’ and Algorithm Creators’ Requirements


Weekly market analysis from Tradingene


Tradingene is an auction based platform with blockchain technology. With Tradingene you can build a trading algorithm and raise capital or invest your money into algorithms created by someone else.
Our platform makes algorithmic trading available on cryptocurrency and traditional financial markets.
Tradingene provides a number of essential features: easy-to-use advanced web-based environment for algorithms creation, educational resources to cover trading theory and blockchain datastore to ensure absolute fairness and 100% transparency of our auctions and smart-contacts.
Tradingene mission is to create transparent environment for investments in trading algorithms and their creation.
Creators are trading algorithms developers. With Tradingene web-platform they design and test their algorithms to put them up for an auction and raise capital.
Investors are those who provide capital for trading algorithms through our auctions. All trading transactions of any algorithm are made on investor accounts.
A trading algorithm is a program code that makes trades without human interference. Trading algorithms may use one or more strategies in order to calculate entry and exit points.
A creator has no access to the account of the investor. The role of a creator is confined with development and testing. The Tradingene itself transmits trading signals of an algorithm into investor's account.
Anyone can be either a creator or an investor.
We see our competitors in a number of fields. As a platform for the development of trading algorithms we compete with such projects as TradeStation, Ninjatrader, Tradingview, Bloomberg etc. These platforms allow you to build a trading algorithm to run it later for your own trading.
There are also platforms that do more. These platforms give you an environment and a possibility to attract capital for your algorithms. These are Collective2, Quantopian, Quantconnect, Metatrader etc.
Another type of projects we see as our competitors are those that allow you to invest into PAMM-accounts giving you the possibility to follow «successful» traders. To name some: Metatrader, Zulutrade, Alpari etc.
There is a number of vital differences between us and our competitors. We use the Blockchain technology to implement a transparent business model. Beside, we don’t invest our own capital, so we don’t demand algorithms to have unrealistic parameters and offer more opportunities to raise capital.
Our environment is high-end and free of charge. The same should be said about our learning resources.
We test all algorithms before an auction. Thus Tradingene decrease the number of scum strategies which dominate other platforms.
To become a creator please register at Our platform is running in a demo mode now, being available for everyone. If you want to try your own strategies, please send us a request via the page.
The basic modeling package has all the features you need to build an algorithm, including a limited yet large enough number of simulated trading sessions.
The advanced modeling package includes unlimited number of simulated trading sessions. It gives access to detailed analytical and statistical information regarding algorithm performance. Detailed information on performance makes it easier to see how you can improve your algorithm.
Yes, the basic modeling package should perfectly fit all your needs. It may take more time for you to achieve the desired results without the advance modeling package.
Your algorithm starts to trade after it receives capital through the auction. To put your algorithm up for an auction you must first apply for out-of-sample testing. If the test performance complies with some basic requirements you must provide an auction collateral. After you deposit a collateral, auction starts.
A creator has no access to the account of the investor. The role of a creator is confined with development and testing. The Tradingene itself transmits trading signals of an algorithm into investor's account.
The auction collateral is required to serve as an additional filter, which protects platform from poor algorithms. Because of collateral developers will be less willing to put their «half-baked» algorithms up for an auction since if an algorithm ends up with losses after its’ minimal investment time horizon the collateral will be retained by the platform.
The least investment time horizon should be determined by the creator of the algorithm according to algorithm's trading style and activity. Longer time horizon makes the probability of losing your collateral lower but may scare off investors. Shorter one works in the opposite way.
After our out-of-sample testing is done we recommend time horizon according to our own calculations.
The creator's success fee depends on the auction outcome as well as on the algorithm performance. It may turn out to be as much as 15% for a 500,000 USD trading deposit or, say, 8% for 1,000,000 USD.
The recommended creator's fee is based on algorithm's rating calculated after the out-of-sample tests.
To meet these needs you are allowed to use a good number of python libraries (the standard ones as well as those we especially created to make your work easier). All the libraries are available for you for free. Please refer to Chapter 5, paragraph 9 of the White Paper.
Before algorithms are put up for an auction they pass a road show. We recommend you to find those that fit your risk level, desired rate of return and trading philosophy.
The rating of an algorithm — is a forecasted value of its’ risk/reward ratio. According to this ratio we calculate the recommended creator's success fee and minimal investment horizon. The calculation procedure will be publicly available and enhanced if required with the help of our trading community.
Algorithms are tested automatically with out-of-sample data. Thus we decrease the number of curve-fitted algorithms which may end up being on an auction.
After you found an algorithm that fits your requirements you should click the «Participate in the Auction» lbutton and pay the auction entry fee.
The bid is immediately saved in the blockchain datastore so that everyone could see the number of bids made (yet not the details of the bids).
Best combinations of investment sum and creator’s success fee win the auction.
After the auction encrypting keys will be available for everyone to make it clear that the auction was perfectly fair. Yet we do not disclose the names of the bids authors.
The outcome of any auction will be immediately available to all participants after it is over. We do not disclose the bids authors. The winners are offered to make a smart-contract with the creator.
To obtain a VIP status you should buy 30,000 TNG tokens during the initial offering and hold this sum later on. VIP status can't be resold to another person.
The VIP status cuts your payments to the Platform by half. As well it allows you to participate in auctions free of charge. We recommend you to periodically recalculate economic benefits of the VIP status with respect to the amount of money invested in the algorithms and the cost of a token.
Due to liquidity reasons each algorithm is allowed to operate with a limited amount of trading capital. When an investor withdraws the money allocated for an algorithm he deprives the creator (and the Platform) of their future income. Moreover, as the investor had won the auction he deprived someone else of the opportunity to invest.
All trading transactions are made on your account. Creators don’t have access to investors accounts.
The blockchain technology is used to make auctions and smart-contracts perfectly safe and 100% transparent.
TAll bids (including amount of investments and creator's success fee) made throughout an auction are saved into Blockchain datastore. As well when making a smart-contract Blockchain datastore is updated with such information as: the id of a chosen algorithm, creators' success fee, termination agreement.
Using the blockchain technology guarantees transparency and persistence for both: capital raising procedure (made through auctions of algorithms) and deals between a creator and the auction winner.
Tokens are used for all types of payments within the Platform as well as for assigning VIP statuses.
All the prices are fixed in fiat currency, so the costs always stay the same for token holders.
70% of the total amount of tokens will be available for their potential owners during the ICO.
You may do this after the ICO start but before you must register at the web site.
The ICO is scheduled on March 2018.
We negotiate terms with several exchanges now. Every agreement reached will be announced.
While the tokens are used for payments within the Platform the total number of tokens is limited. The more algorithms (and therefore auctions) the Platform holds the more money it accumulates within, thus increasing demand for the tokens.
We chose an ICO since it is not only a way of raising funds but also a marketing strategy that should help us attract more people to our project and make up loyal communities of both: algorithmic traders and investors.
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INVEST White Paper
Thank you for your interest!

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